Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Movie Collection

When I was young, one of the gifts that I would look forward to receiving was my Disney movie. Every year I got a new one for Christmas. It was probably one of my favorite gifts each year. Unfortunately, these movies are pretty useless to me as this was the time before the dvd player. It was in the time of the VHS, and if you don't know what that is, then you are a young reader, or I have just started to become old.

This was a tradition, however that I wanted to share with my children. I want them to have all the Disney classics. So each Christmas, I have bought the kids a Disney DVD, and well as put them on the wishlist for others to buy them as well. So far our collection is small.

When I was in Canada last year,  I noticed that some of my brothers DVD's and Blue Rays came also with a digital copy. One that you could put on other devices such as your laptop or phone or whatever. I thought, what I great idea!  Do you think I have found a DVD or Blue Ray with one here? Nope. So frustrating. To add even further, I probably couldn't play it on half of our devices anyways (although there is software out there to help with this kind of problem, i.e. Cyberlink).

The digital world is such a great one, one where I can share some of my Christmas traditions with my kids with movies. On the other hand it is so frustrating with all the different  options, systems that don't work with one another. And this is not really where I wanted to go with this post!

Don't you just love posts that start as one thing, and end up something else?

Do you have a movie collection? Or whats your favorite Disney movie?