Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Movie Collection

When I was young, one of the gifts that I would look forward to receiving was my Disney movie. Every year I got a new one for Christmas. It was probably one of my favorite gifts each year. Unfortunately, these movies are pretty useless to me as this was the time before the dvd player. It was in the time of the VHS, and if you don't know what that is, then you are a young reader, or I have just started to become old.

This was a tradition, however that I wanted to share with my children. I want them to have all the Disney classics. So each Christmas, I have bought the kids a Disney DVD, and well as put them on the wishlist for others to buy them as well. So far our collection is small.

When I was in Canada last year,  I noticed that some of my brothers DVD's and Blue Rays came also with a digital copy. One that you could put on other devices such as your laptop or phone or whatever. I thought, what I great idea!  Do you think I have found a DVD or Blue Ray with one here? Nope. So frustrating. To add even further, I probably couldn't play it on half of our devices anyways (although there is software out there to help with this kind of problem, i.e. Cyberlink).

The digital world is such a great one, one where I can share some of my Christmas traditions with my kids with movies. On the other hand it is so frustrating with all the different  options, systems that don't work with one another. And this is not really where I wanted to go with this post!

Don't you just love posts that start as one thing, and end up something else?

Do you have a movie collection? Or whats your favorite Disney movie?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Push For The December Class

The second class for the Blogger Design eCourse starts Saturday. I would really love to fill the class, so the rest of the spots are selling for only $10! That's right you can learn to design your own blogspot blog for only $10. If you haven't heard about my eCourse here is what you get:

Whats included:
* A month access to the course website, and all the materials
* An eBook for you to download and keep that covers the basics.
* 3 Blogger Templates for you to work from.
* 8-10 Lessons that include video tutorials.
* Access to forums for peer to peer feedback.
* The opportunity to ask me questions and get help on you design.
* Access to a resource list to help you find everything you need for your design.
* Access to a private group on Facebook to network with other bloggers.

What is covered in the lessons:
* Basic CSS and HTML needed for your design.
* How to use images and fonts in your design.
* Customization of Backgrounds
* Customization of navigations Bars (including drop down menus)
* Installation of social networking buttons and share buttons
* Customization of sidebar areas and post areas (including gadgets, post titles, etc.)
* The little extras (post signature, dividers and more)
* How to add additional sidebars and gadget areas.
* How to install your new design.
* Installing different commenting systems for better ineraction on your blog
* An overview of SEO (search engine optomization) on Blogger

What programs are needed: None! I will show you how to do anything you need design wise using the free online programpixlr. However, I do recommend GIMP, a very powerful and free editing program.

Depending on what programs students have, video tutorial will be provided for pixlr, GIMP and Photoshop if there is a demand for them.

How it works: Once you have purchased your spot, you will receive an email from me with more details. A couple days before the start of the class you receive log-in information for eCourse site. The first two weeks are devoted to lessons. Every day or second day (depending on the size of the lesson) I will post a lesson. You are free to log-in and work on them at any time. Knowing that some people are very busy, the remaining of the month left open for any questions you may have. There were be forums available for everyone to post in. I will check in a couple times a day to answer and help.

So you can choose to follow along with the lessons, or take the entire month to work on your design at your own pace.

Where do I sign up?
You can purchase your spot in my design shoppe HERE.
There is a limit to 30 spots per class to ensure that I am able to help each and everyone who participates.

*Due to the holidays in December, and it just being a busy time for everyone, this class will run for an extra two weeks.

Here are a couple great examples of what people have accomplished in my eCourse (click on the images to visit their blogs):

dawns diaster ephesianswife nuggetonabudget pbj

So what are you waiting for? Come join us in the December class :)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite Time of The Day

Do you have a favorite time of the day?

I do. 5am.

You are probably wondering why on earth would I choose 5 am as my favorite time of day. No mother in her right mind would want to be up at such an early hour.

Well, for me it is really simple. This is the only time of day where I get true uninterrupted 'ME' time for at least an hour (most days). I love my family, but I also love to have a moment to myself. One where I am not hearing 'please, please, please,  please, please', crying or having a babe attached to my boob.

I try to enjoy a quite bath each day, however it is usually cut short by a babe wanting food or a toddler wanting to join (or screaming at the door because I locked them out.....), so there is no chance for a moment then.

But want about after the kids go to bed?  Well, Olivia usually isn't in bed until around 10 and if she does go to sleep before then, this is time spent with my husband usually watching some tv show so we can actually hear what words are being said (toddlers are really loud). This isn't Me time... its me AND husband time.

So 5 am it is. And it is wonderful. It is quiet. It is the calm before the storm of the day and totally worth getting up early for.

Whats your favorite time of day?

(PS... The Blogger Design eCourse for the Decemeber class is only $10, sign up before the 15th and learn how to design your own blogger design and pick up some other tips as well! )



The Life Of Faith

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Setting Working Hours

I started working again when Olivia was two weeks old. Since then I have often worked all day. Up early in the morning, up as late as I could stay awake. Yet I still feel so behind on many of my goals. I am not blogging as much as I like. I am not concentrating on getting my name out there for blog designs or my blogger design eCourse. I have managed to get my photography business started, and that is going well.

Still, I feel a bit scattered and all over the place. I am also unfocused (perhaps because I have a newborn....). I think this is part that I am so disorganized. This has also lead to me being a little burnt out. I am tired and a bit cranky, but I have a hard time putting my work away.

But I am going to change that. I am going to set some work hours. Some hours that don't require me to work and take up family time. I hope to step away from the computer each night. I spend way to much time on it. Starting tomorrow.

I am also going to share with  you some goals, perhaps but posting it to the world, I will stay more motivated.

1. Post regularly here and on Sommerfugl Design.

2. Promote my blogs and eCourse(s) better.

3. Redesign Sommerfugl Design

4. Redesign The Not So Ugly Ducklings

5. Get caught up on paper work

6. Start organizing a WP design eCourse.

7. Work on my studio, and full launch Sommerfugl Photography by March 1st.

Those are the major things on my list. There are many many more smaller jobs that I need to finish as well. I am hoping that by adding some structure to my day I can maybe get caught up without feeling so burnt out.

It is so easy when you work at home to get distracted.

So that is my new plan. And just because, I am going to share a photo from a recent shoot that I am proud of.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goodbye Inspired Tuesday... for now

So, I just have not been able to keep up with putting up a link up every week. I love the idea of Inspired Tuesday, but I honestly don't have the time at the moment to carry it out as I want it. So for the moment I am ending it. Perhaps I will start it up again in the new year. Thank you to all those who linked up regularly. It was greatly appreciated!

And with that comes a regular post. I really love reading Toddle Along Tuesday with Growing Up Geeky, so today I am going to play along and list some confessions.

Confession Number 1:

My kid fell out of the bath tub and on his head. I honestly thought he broke his neck by the way he landed on the hard concrete floor and other than wailing did not move. You may be wondering why this is a confession. Stuff happens right? Well what if I said I was in the bath with him. Yep.

Confession Number 2:

I brush my hair like.. once a week. It has gotten really long as I refuse to pay the large amount it costs for a hair cut here in Denmark. Brushing it is just so much work, which takes too much time. Time I don't have. So I wear it up every day. But it's okay.. see next confession.

Confession Number 3:

I only get dressed like...  once a week. In May I became self employed. I started up my own Blog Design business (Sommerfugl Design), this meant that most of the contact I had with people was through email. I didn't need to leave my house  other than to pick up my kids from daycare. Why bother getting dressed when I could stay comfy all day. Now that I am starting up my photography business I am actually having to get dressed more than once a week.

Confession Number 4:

I let my kids draw on the furniture. The kids furniture that is. To be more specific, their plastic table and chair from IKEA. It is super easy to clean up, and the love it. Plus it saves the grown up furniture.

Confession Number 5:

I breastfeed Olivia when I smell on of the toddlers poopy diapers so my husband has to change it. Hehe.

Those are my confessions. I could probably come up with a lot more, but I am too tired. What confessions do you have?


Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy breakfast for mom.

*** There are still 3 spots up for grabs for this months Blogger Design eCourse, plus opportunities for great discounts. This is a great opportunity for you to skip the blog designer and learn to do it yourself!***

I have a secret, or perhaps it is more of a confession. I have a major brown sugar addiction. If I can find a reason to use it, I will. It is just so darn good!

With 3 under 3, one of which being a newborn, I find it really difficult to eat breakfast. I have attempted to eat with the kids, but honestly this is the best time for me to get stuff done. Well that is until my son thought it was fun to throw his oatmeal everywhere.. Anyways.. it is an easy meal for me to skip.

I know I shouldn't. But I do. All the time. And honestly I have never been a breakfast person anyways. But I know if I am going to reach my nursing goals, eating enough through out the day is important. Working in breakfast is an easy way to to do this.

Now I really wanted to work oats into my diet, as they are supposed to be really good for milk production. However... I hate oatmeal. Like gagging hate. I have tried it warm, cold, loaded with sugar (even brown sugar), uncooked with milk (very popular here in Denmark). I just don't dig the taste and I don't dig the texture of cooked oatmeal. Blegh...

But... one tired morning I was starving and looking for something to eat. I had some natural yogurt  so dry oats... and brown sugar. Who knew this combination would actually be good. But I swear... it is awesome! So yummy, and so easy to make.

Throw some oats in a bowl. Cover with yogurt. Add a spoon full of brown sugar. Mix and eat.

Easy, quick, and sorta healthy breakfast. And so much potential  You could add whatever to this to make it better. Fruit for one. I also like to add almonds. One night I mixed up some, added some almond flour and some frozen raspberries. It made a great dessert.

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. I ate mine too fast this morning

Do you have some sort of mom on the go easy breakfast? I would love to hear what it is.

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