Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Top 5 - TV Guys

Okay so I know I said Wednesdays I would be writing a story and posting it here each week. Well I am just too busy for that at the moment. So instead I am going to do a Top 5 every Wednesday. Just for fun.

This week I am going to start with my Top 5 TV Guy crushes.

5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers from The Tudors

Did you watch the Tudors? If you didn't you really should. Great show with some great eye candy!

4. Ed Westwick - Gossip Girls
Okay.. so this means I have to admit to watching Gossip Girl. I will admit it. I can't say it was one of my favorite shows, more just something to fill some time with. But I always enjoyed the dynamics between Blair and Chuck.

3. Ian Somerhalder - The Vampire Diaries
I am not sure if I find him hot outside of the show. But Damon Salvator... yes please!

2. Matt Bomer - White Collar
Okay, seriously it was so hard to choose a picture! I love Matt Bomer. I try convince my husband that he should dress like him, maybe even dye his hair darker to look more like Matt. My husband just makes fun of me and reminds me that he is Gay and Matt will never be in to me. I am seriously jealous of Matts man.

1. Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
This is my number one TV crush. If I were not married with kids I would totally move to Vancouver and stalk the sets of Supernatural. I recently found out that he is having a baby in the summer. I  didn't even know there was someone else. I may have cried a  little.

Who is your TV crush?


  1. Dean was my TV boyfriend, he was quickly replaced by Castiel. :) Are your TV crushes the actors or the characters they play?

    1. I am so excited to hear about other who like Supernatural. I totally though I was the only one. I think my crushes are on the TV characters to be honest.

  2. The Tudors are my obsession! I'm such the biggest fan. I have watched that show about 50 millions times over and over..I can't get enough of Johnathan

    1. Such a good show right? I sent you an email about ad space.. did you get it?


    Rob Morrow. I'll take the Northern Exposure Rob Morrow, the NUMB3RS Rob Morrow, he is an amazing actor and broods as sexily as he smiles!

    I love Nathan Fillion on Castle, but I think maybe it isn't so much him as the character. He has such beautiful control of his face. Same thing as Rob Morrow...the brooding...the smile, the eyes. OMG!


    Finally, LL Cool J. That is a crush that has lasted the decades. I love him on NCIS: LA or just in person.

    1. Ooo Nathan Fillion is a good one too...

  4. I love Jensen and Jared! My big sister is seriously obsessed with them on tumblr.

    I love this post Desirae. Really great ;)

    1. Thanks. It isn't often I do posts like this. It was a fun change :)