Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am sorry that I have not been posting these last couple of weeks. Our family has been going through a bunch of changes, all the while suffering a horrible flu.

I am hoping to catch up a bit this coming week. I still have to fill you in on the last part of our trip to London.

Also while I was gone, my boy turned 2! I can't believe it... where has time gone?

We have moved to a new city, and there are many new beginnings that come with that.

We have only been in our new home for about 4 days, and we already have a hospital trip.

Elisabeth starts preschool tomorrow!

So many things to blog about!

But for today I am going to leave you with just a couple of things:

1) Ad sale. I want to fill up for March. So all spots are on Sale for just $2! They are first come first serve, so if you are interested, be sure to contact me right away. All ads will be put up immediately. You can read more about the ads Here.

2) Not only are we having changes in life, there are signs of a change in season. Life has been hectic, so Saturday morning I grabbed my camera and went out into our new backyard to do something I love. Take flower pictures. It was just a small things, but it sure let me breathe. I was delighted to find signs of spring in our garden already!

Super Sunday Sync


  1. What a lovely shot!! What great shades of pink.

  2. That is quite lovely. I really like pink & brown together & this is just so pretty.

  3. Beautiful photo!!! I'm so ready for spring!!!:)

  4. I love the colors in this picture. So beautiful