Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite Time of The Day

Do you have a favorite time of the day?

I do. 5am.

You are probably wondering why on earth would I choose 5 am as my favorite time of day. No mother in her right mind would want to be up at such an early hour.

Well, for me it is really simple. This is the only time of day where I get true uninterrupted 'ME' time for at least an hour (most days). I love my family, but I also love to have a moment to myself. One where I am not hearing 'please, please, please,  please, please', crying or having a babe attached to my boob.

I try to enjoy a quite bath each day, however it is usually cut short by a babe wanting food or a toddler wanting to join (or screaming at the door because I locked them out.....), so there is no chance for a moment then.

But want about after the kids go to bed?  Well, Olivia usually isn't in bed until around 10 and if she does go to sleep before then, this is time spent with my husband usually watching some tv show so we can actually hear what words are being said (toddlers are really loud). This isn't Me time... its me AND husband time.

So 5 am it is. And it is wonderful. It is quiet. It is the calm before the storm of the day and totally worth getting up early for.

Whats your favorite time of day?

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