Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Setting Working Hours

I started working again when Olivia was two weeks old. Since then I have often worked all day. Up early in the morning, up as late as I could stay awake. Yet I still feel so behind on many of my goals. I am not blogging as much as I like. I am not concentrating on getting my name out there for blog designs or my blogger design eCourse. I have managed to get my photography business started, and that is going well.

Still, I feel a bit scattered and all over the place. I am also unfocused (perhaps because I have a newborn....). I think this is part that I am so disorganized. This has also lead to me being a little burnt out. I am tired and a bit cranky, but I have a hard time putting my work away.

But I am going to change that. I am going to set some work hours. Some hours that don't require me to work and take up family time. I hope to step away from the computer each night. I spend way to much time on it. Starting tomorrow.

I am also going to share with  you some goals, perhaps but posting it to the world, I will stay more motivated.

1. Post regularly here and on Sommerfugl Design.

2. Promote my blogs and eCourse(s) better.

3. Redesign Sommerfugl Design

4. Redesign The Not So Ugly Ducklings

5. Get caught up on paper work

6. Start organizing a WP design eCourse.

7. Work on my studio, and full launch Sommerfugl Photography by March 1st.

Those are the major things on my list. There are many many more smaller jobs that I need to finish as well. I am hoping that by adding some structure to my day I can maybe get caught up without feeling so burnt out.

It is so easy when you work at home to get distracted.

So that is my new plan. And just because, I am going to share a photo from a recent shoot that I am proud of.

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