Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life lately...

I keep mentioning that life lately has been hectic. It has. There has also been a lot of stress. In all honesty I feel like we are in this really torrential stage right before everything just falls into place. I can see the silver lining  and it feels like we are just about there, but getting there is proving to be very tough..

So here is what's been happening lately that is causing a lot of stress (both good and bad).

1. Olivia.
Our little one. She is extremely active (crawling, sitting up on her own, exploring the entire house on her own). As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in this post, we are having a bit of a problem getting her to gain weight. We went for a check up last week.. it was not great. She did not gain enough weight over the last month. We have been refereed to a pediatrician to have her looked at. Generally, the doctor doesn't think there is anything is wrong do to her being happy, and developmentally ahead. Still it needs to be looked into, as dropping down 3 curves on the growth chart is not good.

2. The Studio.
The photography studio kind of turned into this never ending project. Finding the time to get it down was difficult. We managed and it is just about finished. Yay!

3. Julius
Julius's reflex anoxic seizures started happening again. It has been months since he had any. It sucks to see them happen again.

4. Just setting up the house.
We have been spending so much time with the studio, that we really have not finished setting up the house. There are still boxes.. we are mountains behind in laundry...

5. Potty training.
Elisabeth decided to ditch diapers. She is good most of the time... but not all the time. Julius has decided that he likes to take off his diaper, but has yet to go pee in the toilet.

6. Another business venture.
I am working with my husbands cousin in starting another business... more details at another time.

7. Just the strain of it all.
My relationship with my husband is a bit rocky at the moment. We 3 kids under 3 we just don't get any quality time together. We feel it. We need more quality time. We are working on it.

8. Danish
Right now I can not take danish lessons due to a teacher lockout. This stresses me out. I really need to get a better hold of this language. Not being confident in the native language here gives me a lot of anxiety  I feel like I am being judged because I can  not speak much of the language. I feel like I should have mastered it by now. The reality is, I am struggling with it. But I plan on taking a new approach with it (taking classes in person instead online), but I have to wait to start...

So that is a little glimpse in my life right now. Honestly just writing it all out kind of takes a tiny weight off my shoulders.

But like I said... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. The photography business is coming together well. If this other business comes together, then financially we will be comfortable, which will also take a lot of stress of. Things are looking up, even if at the moment they feel pretty dark.


  1. Holy cow! I am surprised writing it all down didn't make you more overwhelmed. Glad it helped :)

  2. For entirely different reasons, I totally relate.
    We've been married for 15 years, and it is a roller coaster. The ups are wonderful. Sometimes we bottom out. I'm seeking the more level ride.. life with kids both holds us together, and keeps us from having the time together that we need.
    Currently, my husband has been working away from home on an 8 month project (next to Canadian customs on the Voyageur's National Park border to our north) so that we only see him on weekends, which of course are busy & go to quickly.
    It's been a strange year for me, after having kids at home with me all of my adult life for the past 15 years, our youngest started kindergarten this fall.
    So for the first time in my life, I am alone during the day. There are things I appreciate about this, and things I miss. What's hard, is that my husband is gone by night, too.. so there is nothing to balance the days. I'm alone both day & night.. And quite frankly, I've been thinking of this as the year I kind of quit living. Finding my feet again, but definitely looking for balance & a happier normal.
    Blogging is therapeutic to me.. I agree, that it takes a little weight off my shoulders & helps my sort my thoughts out.
    That has to be very hard, the language barrier. I hope all goes well for your little Olivia. Our Johnathan actually lost a little weight between 6 and 9 months, when he began crawling & became very active. It was concerning at the time, but he has done fine ever since. (he's 10 years now!)
    Your household sounds very busy.. We started with twins then had a gap & the next three were close together. I kind of miss those years, yet they make me tired thinking about them!
    The mountains of laundry have yet to go away. :)