Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to full time mom

First of all, I apologize for missing Inspired Tuesday yesterday. It was a long weekend here in Denmark, and the husband and I decided to take a date day on Monday. And I will be honest... I forgot to make the post a head of time. But I promise it will be back next week.

Today is my husbands first day of work since Olivia was born. His paternity leave is up. It is a bit of a sad moment for all of us. It is also my first day back as a full time mom.

And guess what... it is only 3:30pm and it has been event full already.

So we woke up this morning to lots of rain. LOTS. The husband and I just kind of laughed, because every time I had to pick up the kids from daycare.. it rained.. and wouldn't you know, it had to be raining today, when I would have to drag the two youngest to pick up our oldest from preschool. We shrugged it off, hoping that the rain would stop by then.

The morning actually went well. By 9:30 both husband and Elisabeth were gone, I had managed to have the other two fed, dish washer unloaded and kitchen cleaned up slightly.

I go to the bathroom... it is half full of water. You see we have a leak in the roof, that should be fixed soon. However.. LOTS of rain = flooded bathroom. I don't need to go outside, I can just step into my bathroom to get rained on. So I scoop the water off the floor and into the shower... and move on with my day.

My phone rings... Elisabeth is sick they say, but they can arrange for someone to bring her home to me. Great.

I start getting lunch ready. Phone rings again. Elisabeth isn't sick.. just pooped a  lot and is better now.. great... no need to drag two kids in the rain to fetch the other one.

Oh did I mention we have no food in the house? I had planned on going grocery shopping this morning.. by the rain kind of ruined that.

Anyways.. I figure something up for the kids to eat (notice how I have yet to mention that i have fed myself yet...). They eat. Time for naps...

In Denmark, babes nap in a pram outside. This is the only place Julius will nap. Did I mention the pouring rain? I decided to bring the pram inside. I run out, drag it in to the back room... The stupid thing is full of water. Sigh... Then I realize... I need the double pram to be able to pick up Elisabeth.. I run back out... it is full of water also. GREAT! I have no way to transport my children.

I call up my sister-in-law to see if she can come sit with kids, so I can walk up to the preschool and pick Elisabeth up early (because I know she also has to pick up her own kid later). Her basement is flooded, and she just put her babe down for a nap.. I laugh.. such luck I am having today. She tells me to bring the kids over to her place.

That is what I do. However I have no rain clothes for Olivia, so I throw a blanket on her, rain clothes on Julius... However... I do not have a rain jacket. I DO have gummy boots though. Beautiful blue ones (that are actually really uncomfortable.. but they cost like 10$... so I love them). I run over to her house, drop the kids off. She loans me a stroller and tells me to get groceries as well. Thank goodness.

I get Elisabeth, who is just fine. She just pooped a lot this morning I am told..... We grab groceries. Drop them off at home, go back to the sister in laws. We have coffee.. I find out that Olivia freaked out for a few minutes and Julius broke the door off their fridge.... Sigh..... but the coffee was good! She helps me  bring the kids home on her wait to pick up her daughter.

I give the kids a snack.. Julius passes out at the table, Elisabeth is putting her teddies down for a nap, and Olivia has now crashed on my lap.

I still have to figure out dinner... At least it has been an interesting day so far..

And... I am kind of hungry....

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