Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Getting Excited

The first class of the Blogger Design eCourse starts next week, and I am getting so excited! I really can't wait to teach the class. I love the idea of sharing my knowledge and giving other mamma's the chance to build great looking blog designs without having to pay the high costs of a designer, because lets face it, designers are expensive. I know this because I am one! But in truth, $25 is a lot more manageable for most than $100's. Plus there is also that feeling of ownership that comes with creating something yourself. I am happy that I will get the share that feeling with others.

As much as I am excited, I am nervous. I would really love to see this eCourse take off, however I have not filled all the spots for the November class and that makes me worry. It makes me worry that this will not be success. It makes me doubt myself. But then I try to remind myself, this is just the first class, and like anything else some things just take time to get going. The word needs to get spread, and sometimes that just takes time. Low class sign up or not, I will run the eCourse for the next few months before I determine the success or failure of this current business prospect. I am thinking it can be a hit though.. don't you?

Want to help me spread the word? Maybe you could by sharing this post, or tweeting, pinteresting, sharing etc this page: I would be forever great-full!