Why should you advertise with me?

That is easy.. I'm awesome... Just kidding (sort of).
I will be honest, this blog has not been a huge priority for me the last year. I have also moved it around a lot. It started on Blogger, then moved to WordPress and now is back with Blogger. This is why my GFC numbers are very very low, as I need to rebuild them.

Essentially and I starting fresh, working on building up my following again. Here are my current numbers:

Twitter: 284
Facebook: 154
Pinterest: 471
Google +: 223

I try to post at least 3 times a week, including one weekly link-up that is starting back up here in January 2012.

Although I live in Denmark, most of my readership comes from the US and Canada.

I can offer 3 types of Advertising for you:

Sponsored Posts / Reviews

Interested in having a sponsored post or for me to do a review. Send me an email and we can chat about it and decided what price is best.

Sidebar Advertising

I am offering advertising spots in my side bar. There are currently 3 sizes to choose from. For each size there is a limited amount, and each ad runs for 30 days. All ads come with social networking shout outs. Payment is with PayPal. If you are interested in an add send me an email letting me know :)

Large Ad: 250x250: $20

There is a limit of one large ad per month. This ad is placed at the top of the sponsor pile. It comes with an individual sponsored post written by me, and if you like you are welcome to also do a giveaway of some sort.

Medium Ad: 250x150: $10

There is a limit of 2 medium ads per month. These ads come right after the large ad and comes with a joint sponsor post and giveaway.

Small Ad: 125x125: $5

There is a limit to 6 ads per month. These are placed below the other sidebar ads and comes with a joint sponsor shout-out post and optional giveaway.

In Post Banner Ad

Cost: 30$ per month
Size: 700x125
This ad is placed at the bottom of all posts for a month. Here is the best part, the ad will stay on those posts indefinitely. So in someways you are buying a permanent ad. It also includes social networking shout outs and a featured post with an optional giveaway.

Button Swaps

In the footer of my blog I have space for button swaps for 125x125 buttons. If you are interested in swapping buttons contact me :)

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