Friday, July 26, 2013

I have moved

I have finally moved to my own domain. Come visit me there:

The design is a work in progress.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little Olivia

Okay, so I know I said I would be back with a new blog design, domain... etc. However there is a small issue with my server, so all that is going to have to wait.

I however, wanted to give a little update on Olivia. As some of you know, we have had some growth issues with her. A lot of it due to breastfeeding issues.

I won't lie.

It was heartbreaking to once again have a child not grow while breastfeeding.

It was stressful and constantly on my mind.

But we are past it.

That's right.. we seemed to have moved forward. Despite the fact that it seems like she is not eating enough, she is gaining weight. In fact, this past month she moved up a whole growth curve! She is still down two from her original curve, but as long as she maintains or increases it is good.

So what changed? Well, unfortunately we cut down breastfeeding. A lot. Unless she insists, I am breastfeeding her twice a day. In the morning and in the evenings. We added more formula to the mix, however we are starting to move away from formula, and increase her food intake.

Food is up and down with her. If it is served on a spoon, she isn't interested. She must feed herself! It is messy, but she does okay. Some days she is more interested in driving her food around or hiding food in her chair.

By the way, can you believe she is 9 months already! Time sure has flown since she was born.

She is still a very happy little girl. She has the best smile. She is pulling up on everything and will walk along the couch or whatever she has pulled up on. She has started to push chairs around a bit. She even tried to walk away from the couch. It didn't end well. She still needs to work on her balance.

Over all she is doing well. She is growing, and she is happy :)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Be Back Soon

Hi everyone
I'm sorry I have not been posting. Life has been busy... kids have been sick.
But I will be back soon, (Next week hopefully!) I will also be moving to my own domain and back over to WordPress.

So until then, I hope you are all having good times.